Short walks will take you to the castle Stahleck, the Werner chapel ruin, into the old historic town centre of Bacharach with its famous churches and the lovingly restored half-timbered houses, across the well preserved town wall with its mighty watch-towers and city gates into the spacious park along the Rhine.

On hiking trails you can rest in shaded forests, watch the wine growers as they work on the sunny hills or feel like a knight or maiden amongst the old castles and ruins of by gone days.

On the tourist boats you can travel up and down the most beautiful section of the Rhine valley. From Bacharach by bus or car you can easily reach the Mosel river, the Rheingau, Trier, Mainz, Bad Kreuznach, Worms or Speyer. Or you can use bycicles on well maintained bike trails along the Rhine.

In Bacharach there are many amenities such as grocery store, souvenier shops, drugstore and doctor, a variety of restaurants and wineries.

other tips for trips

  • Boat tours on the Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz
  • Bike trails along the Rhine
  • Hiking trail along the „Rheinburgen-hiking trail“ or along the „ Rheinsteig-hiking trail“, which is on the other side of the Rhine
  • Hiking tours through the vinyards, wine tasting and visiting the wine cellars (can be organized)
  • Citiy walking tours (can be organized)
  • Hiking tour through the „Morgenbachtal“ in Trechtingshausen (creek gorge)
  • Loreley cliff next to St. Goarshausen (ca. 10 miles by ferry crossing the Rhine in Kaub or St. Goar)
  • A sightseeing tour of the various castles:
  • - Castle Stahleck between Bacharach and Neurath (0,7 mile)Klick
    - Castle ruin Stahlberg in the suburb Bacharach/Steeg (0,7 miles) Klick
    - Castle Rheinfels in St. Goar(12 miles) Klick
    - Castle Reichenstein in Trechtingshausen (8 miles) Klick
    - Castle Rheinstein by Trechtingshausen (8 miles) Klick
    - Castle Sooneck by Niederheimbach (5 miles) Klick
    - Island castle Pfalzgrafenstein by Kaub in the Rhine (3,5 miles) Klick
    - Castle Marksburg by Braubach (25 miles) Klick
  • Swimmingpools:
  • - in St. Goar-Werlau (outdoor)
    - in Bingerbrück (natural pool)
    - between Bingen u. Ingelheim (in- and outdoor)
    - Rheinböllen und Simmern (indoor)
  • Wild life park in Rheinböllen (10 miles)
  • „das Dschungeldorf“ (Indoor-Play area) in Simmern (15 miles)
  • „KidsIn“ (Indoor Play aera) in Boppard-Buchholz (23 miles)
  • View point of „the 4 Seas” in Boppard (19 miles)
  • „Drosselgasse“ in Rüdesheim (12,5 miles with ferry crossing)
  • „Niederwald Monument“ in Rüdesheim (12,5 miles with ferry crossing)
  • „German Corner“ (where the rivers Mosel and Rhine meet) and Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz (30 miles)
  • To the river Mosel (ca. 28 miles across the ridge Hunsrück)
  • To the river Nahe (ca. 10 miles to Bingen)
  • Shopping or sightseeing tour through Koblenz (30 miles), Mainz (30 miles) or Bingen (10 miles)
  • Sight seeing the monastery Eberbach (where indoor filming of the movie
  • "The Name of the Rose” took place, ca 22 miles with ferry crossing)
  • A trip to Trier (the oldest town in Germany with many historical roman remains - 75 miles)


Our apartments are the ideal starting point to start diverse hikes with wonderful views into the Romantic Rhine Valley.

There are very nice hiking trails around the Steeger valley with the Stahlberg loop.
We would be happy to provide a free hiking trail guide for this trails.

The entrance to the trails of Rheinburgenweg is directly opposite our house.
To get into the trails of Rheinsteig with the stage from Kaub / Niederheimbach, you would have to hike or drive to the ferries (5-6 km). Free parking is available.

Here are some of the beautiful hiking routes recommended by us:

Klick trails around the Steeger valley (sorry, Website only in German available)

Klick Stahlberg loop (awarded trail)

Klick Rheinburgenweg-stage Bacharach - Oberwesel

Klick Rheinburgenweg-stage Bacharach – Trechtingshausen

For further planning of your tours, you will find further recommendations here:

Klick Wanderbares Deutschland

Klick Rheinburgenweg (Fernwanderweg)

Klick Rheinsteig (Fernwanderweg)

Klick Wandertourenplaner Mittelrhein

links to interesting places and web pages

Klick Bacharach-Steeg

Klick Bacharach

Klick Rhein-Nahe Touristik Bacharach

Klick Rhein-Touristik Tal der Loreley

Klick Mittelrhein-Weinwerbung

Klick Romantischer Rhein

Klick Wandertourenplaner Mittelrhein

Klick Marionettentheater

Wine from the region "Mittelrhein"
Mmmhh….. tastes absolutly wonderful, such a glass of wine from the Middle Rhine. The wine connoisseurs are enthusiastic: the mild climate, the warm thermal ground, lots of sunshine and the vast experience of the wine grower produces a variety of excellent wines. Please take a seat and taste the golden wine from the river Rhine.

Our recommended wineries:

Wine area "Mittelrhein"

Klick winery Brigitte Brück

Klick winery Bernhard Praß

Klick winery Ratzenberger, J. Ratzenberger

Klick winery "Zur Fledermaus", Inh. E. Zahn

Klick winery Dr. Randolf Kauer

Klick winery Hans-Jürgen Jost

Klick winery "Hahnenhof" Toni Jost

Klick winery Heidrich, Fam. Rolf & Thomas Heidrich

Klick winery Karl Heidrich & Gutsausschank "Zum Weinkrug"

Klick winery Friedrich-Holger Bastian & Gutsausschank "Zum Grünen Baum"

Klick winery Eisenbach-Korn

Special recommendation in the wine area "Rheinhessen"
Klick wineryt Hans-Werner and Michael Nauth


transport Services

Klick Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft eG

Klick Köln-Düsseldorfer Schifffahrt

Klick Regionaler Verkehrsverbund RNN

Klick Deutsche Bahn

Klick Rheinland-Pfalz Card

Klick Airport Frankfurt-Hahn

Klick Ryanair


Sister cities of Bacharach

Klick Santenay / Frankreich

Klick Overijse / Belgien

Klick Bacharach, Verein für intern. Partnerschaften Bacharach e.V

World Heritage

World Heritage „Upper Middle Rhine Valley“
The Rhine Gorge is a popular name for the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 45 miles section of the River Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen in Germany. It was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites on 27 June 2002 for a unique combination of geological, historical, cultural and industrial reasons.

The uniqueness of this cultural landscape is the extraordinary cultural richness. His special appearance owes the Middle Rhine Valley on the one hand the natural shape of the river landscape, on the other hand the design by humans.
The river has been one of the main traffic routes for cultural exchange between the Mediterranean and northern Europe. Since prehistoric times and a string of small settlements has grown up along the banks. Constrained in size, many of these old towns retain a historic feel today.
With increasing wealth, many castles appeared and the valley became a core region of the Holy Roman Empire. It was at the centre of the Thirty Years' War, which left many of the castles in ruins, a particular attraction for today's cruise ships which follow the river. At one time forming a border of France, in the 19th Century the valley became part of Prussia and its landscape became the quintessential image of Germany. This part of the Rhine features strongly in folklore, such as a legendary castle on the Rhine being the setting for the opera Götterdämmerung. Last but not least inspired Heinrich Heine to seal his Loreley song.
The annual Rhine in Flames festivals include spectacular firework displays at Bingen / Rüdesheim in July, Koblenz in August and Oberwesel as well as Sankt Goar in September, the best view being from one of a convoy of boats.

Klick UNESCO World Heritage Upper Rhine Valley

UNESCO World Heritage Upper Rhine Valley Movie (only in German available - but with nice Impressions)

Sorry this side is available only in german language!